Negari - Authentic Coffee Luwak

As far as coffee goes, Bali's Kopi Luwak is perhaps one of the most unique and expensive coffees you can find.
Kopi Luwak has a distinctive aroma - being naturally selected by our expert, the Asian Palm Civet.

Coffee aficionados describe the taste as a very smooth, earthy coffee with hints of cocoa with an almost syrupy body.

Poured as a short black, Negari Kopi Luwak develops a bouquet of caramel and cinnamon. On the palate the arabica bean has a clean smooth flavour and tastes of cacao, caramel and a hint of berries that lingers for a long time.

Our Arisan Roastery roasts your coffee to order. The order is then shipped from Negari Agri Wisata directly to you - exquisite freshness & superiour quality guaranteed.